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Advertising Industries

Advertising industries in India have grown rapidly in recent years. Besides helping in shaping the sentiments of people domestically towards different services and products, these industries have been influencing the global market as well. This fact is reiterated by the fact that India’s contribution toward global advertising exports stood at 0.25% in 2020 and the value of its exports was at $9.43 million. During the same period, India’s import was 0.34% of the global contribution and the value stood at $12.5 million. These figures are expected to increase further in the coming years. Therefore, advertising industries based in India can look forward to trading advertising materials, catalogues, etc.

Products and services of advertising industries can be complex as they are specifically designed and developed to support and educate customers on the expertise and quality of work that is on offer. Therefore, advertising industries prefer to export or import advertising goods, depending on their needs. This is where Translink Express comes into the picture.

Translink Express is a Mumbai-based leading International courier services company that helps transfer a variety of advertising industries products among many other parcels and goods to various destinations across the globe. Our parcel services to various International and national locations mean businesses and individuals who wish to trade advertising products stand to gain from our vast experience, expertise and knowledge. We harness the power of the latest technologies and employ skilful and experienced professionals to safely pick up and deliver your advertising products from your doorstep to your preferred destination.