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Translink Express Service ensures prompt, safe and on time delivery of your products at the most economical rates. With Translink Express Service’s International priority, all your shipments are tracked, right from pick-up until delivery and even you can monitor the precise status of your shipments online in real time Delivery of international documents and packages as it offers Document Express (DOX), Package Express (WPX) and Cargo (Box – 25kgs and Box – 10kgs) services. These services are offered to 220 countries and territories worldwide.



Translink Express Service specializes in shipping all types of shipment from Documents to Non – Documents i.e. electrical goods, components, garments, manufactured items, non-commercial shipments, Cargo shipments, Air freight – Sea & Air, Relocations – Packers & Movers, Excess Baggage, Unaccompanied Baggage, Medicines, Food Items, Homemade Eatables – all types of condiments, Savories – Spices, Books – Stationery, Handicrafts – antiques, Pooja Items & all types of household Goods.


The special benefits of Translink Express Service’s International Services are:


Customs Clearance Expertise –

Our Specialists conversant with the customs formalities in India as well as in 228 countries world-wide, and the pre-clearance for shipments in transit available for most destinations, ensure efficient delivery.


It is a convenient solution for shipping high priority documents and packages. The Documents and packages will be picked-up from your doorstep, cleared through customs and delivered to your consignee.


Real-time Tracking –

To track your shipments at all stages of transportation you can log into www.samedayservice.in . You may also contact Translink Express Service for further details.


A Cost-effective Option –

The door-to-door service eliminates the need to retain a clearing agent.


Packaging –

Translink Express Service has a wide range of unique packaging to protect and secure your documents and shipments without any damage.


Strong & durable packaging means total protection.

The Express Pallet is constructed from strong reinforced cardboard, designed to support the weight of your shipment. Also, the weather-resistant material safeguards your shipment against water damage. To protect your goods while in transit, your shipment is strapped and fully shrink-wrapped. The pallet supports the weight of the shipment and provides easier handling by forklift.


The service is offered to over 220 countries worldwide, door-to-door.

Translink Express Service picks up your shipments and home delivers it to destinations worldwide at the most economical costs.


Plan your shipment strategy –

You do not have to worry about paying large amounts for moving heavy goods as Translink Express Service’s flat rates are very economical compared to the rates you would normally pay your freight forwarder. We have an all-inclusive fixed pricing structure so that you’ll exactly know what you’ll be charged for shipping even before the shipment leaves your site. The only costs excluded in the shipping are destination government charges, duties & taxes.

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